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Cheyenne Bluett

Wicked Transcendence (Pandora Bluett) (AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK)

Wicked Transcendence (Pandora Bluett) (AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK)

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A New Adult Urban Fantasy Romance Novel!!!

Burning in hell just took on a whole new meaning...

Damon Jones is one of The Devil’s best demons. He is good at his job—completing even the darkest jobs well—and never loses a fight.

Until Angelica Beck, an annoying, albeit gorgeous angel beats him at his own game.

Now it’s his mission to convince her to become a demon. It’s all going according to plan until he starts falling for her.

Knowing his boss will kill him if he fails, Damon must make a life-changing decision. Will he go through with damning her, or will he sacrifice himself so she can go free?

Perfect for fans of Twilight! Tropes used: Soulmates, enemies-to-lovers, dark-haired love interest, angels & demons, Forbidden Love.

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