About the Author

Cheyenne Bluett was born in Springfield, Illinois, where she still currently resides. She knew she wanted to be an author when she won her grade school's Young Author's competition in the fifth grade.

She published her first poetry book, His Green Eyes, in May 2020, and just published her sixth! She is currently working on like, 1000 more poetry books, as well as a few romance novels and even a screenplay!

When she's not writing you can find her baking, reading, crafting, sewing, napping, making fun videos, and watching the Twilight movies over and over.

Check out her socials to stay updated:

TikTok - @theecheyennebluett | @cheyennebluettpoetry

Instagram - @theecheyennebluett | @cheyennebluettpoetry

Website - www.cheyennebluett.com