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Cheyenne Bluett

The Sweetest Little Blueberry (AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK)

The Sweetest Little Blueberry (AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK)

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Written with unflinching honesty about pregnancy and the first year of motherhood, The Sweetest Little Blueberry is a  book for all mothers. Bluett pens everything we know and love – like feeling those baby kicks, perfect newborn toes, and the magic of motherhood – while also being vulnerable about the parts of motherhood that aren’t as magical – morning sickness (and afternoon and night sickness), fears of inadequacy, postpartum depression, and the struggles of figuring out this “new” you.

The journey of motherhood is the most beautiful yet also the most challenging, and The Sweetest Little Blueberry will be a sweet, heartfelt reminder to mothers everywhere that you are far from alone and you are a total badass. You did the unthinkable, the most magical, the most amazing thing. And you deserve to be celebrated.

No matter where you are on your motherhood journey (pregnant, a new mother, or a mama of grown children), this book is a must-read during late-night pumping sessions or relaxing Sunday nights after the kids are finally asleep.

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